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Farmington MI Chiropractor Alleviates Slipped Disc Pain Safely

Slipped discs are relatively common in people between the ages of thirty and fifty. They account for one in twenty cases of sudden back pain. Back surgery should be considered a last resort as it carries a risk of complications and may not offer a long-term solution. A Farmington MI chiropractor safely alleviates slipped disc pain with non-invasive, drug-free therapies.

Discs are circular pads of cartilage between the bones of the spine. They act as shock absorbers, cushioning the vertebrae during movement. Each disc consists of a gelatinous core surrounded by a fibrous casing. Age-related deterioration may cause cracks or fissures to form in the surface of the disc.

When a disc ruptures, the soft inner core can slip out of the torn casing and press against the group of nerves that form the spinal cord. The pinched nerves trigger pain signals in the local area and in any part of the body they connect with. A slipped disc in the lower back can cause pain which radiates all the way down the legs.

When patients visit the Farmington clinic complaining of back pain, they are thoroughly evaluated. The chiropractor consults with them about their symptoms and medical history. She then conducts a physical examination and carries out a series of orthopedic and neurological tests. X-rays of the spine are used to pinpoint the location of the ruptured disc.

Chiropractic care for slipped discs involves gentle manual techniques. The doctor carefully adjusts the vertebrae to realign the spine. This procedure alleviates the source of pain by releasing trapped, irritated nerve fibers. Soft tissue massage relaxes tense, aching back muscles.

Once the disc pain has been resolved, the Farmington MI chiropractor guides patients through a program of physical rehabilitation. Stretching exercises are used to strengthen back muscles, increase flexibility and restore range of motion. Patients are also advised on ways to maintain correct posture and avoid future back problems.

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How Chiropractic Adjustments Help Leg Pain Sufferers Find Relief In Farmington

People who are suffering through leg pain and discomfort on any level are known to deal with quite a few stresses to resolve. Attempting to walk and perform even the most basic of daily functions is typically impaired which must be resolved by a professional in most cases. Consumers that are battling with this complication should know how adjustments from a Farmington MI chiropractor are able to provide relief.

Chiropractors offer consumers the assistance they need to try and resolve health risks in their nervous systems. Consumers are typically interested in their use when suffering from an injury from an incident of some kind. Patients with leg issues are offered adjustments in many instances to help alleviate pain.

Anyone in Farmington MI who is focused on this issue has a vast array of options to weigh in. Many people are not even clear on whether this form of medical attention should even be focused on at all for their relief efforts. Learning how adjustments are helpful offers people the option to ensure they receive the best guidance possible.

Patients are offered adjustments that are unique to their situation. People suffering from this kind of pain are known to require a unique blend of relief efforts that can be difficult to work through. Patients are consulted with heavily to fully understand what issues they are specifically facing.

Adjustments are also natural in their approach to pain relief. Each session is completed through a physical process as opposed to simply medicating the patient. This phase of their appeal is generally an interest among people that avoid medicines entirely.

Immediate pain relief is also offered with adjustments from a Farmington MI chiropractor. Patients usually feel an immediate sense of pressure release and relaxation with each adjustment that is performed. Doctors often schedule sessions around the relief offered to each patient.

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Farmington MI Chiropractors, HealthQuest, Help Athletes Recover Faster

The Farmington MI chiropractor provides the safe, natural and effective care that athletes need to recover faster. The HealthQuest team offers a holistic approach to care that focuses on both the root cause of the pain and the development of comprehensive programs that enhance the body’s ability to heal more effectively and achieve greater health and wellness over the long-term.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington Hills, MI, 16-JUN-2013 – Dr. Scott Selik, DC, the HealthQuest Farmington MI chiropractor, offers athletes the safe and natural solutions that aid in faster recovery from injuries and pain. The doctor provides the highest levels of care, education and training to patients that gives them the long-term relief, flexibility and mobility they need both in competition and in their daily life.

When interviewed recently Dr. Selik and Dr. Solomon Cogan, CEO of HealthQuest Farmington, discussed the importance of providing the most effective and lasting solutions to athletes. “Many athletes continue to participate in their sport when an injury occurs during an event. This can cause an individual to suffer from extreme pain and damage that, if not addressed quickly and properly, can affect their ability to participate in daily activities throughout their life. Our goal is to give athletes the care they need to return to their sport more quickly and the comprehensive plans that will help them to avoid painful conditions when they are not participating in the sport. We strive to develop lasting relationships with our patients and are continually evaluating the programs we develop to make sure that issues are addressed proactively.”

During the initial examination, Dr. Selik will review the past medical and injury history of the individual. Recurring injuries to specific parts of the body often occur to athletes which can result in long-term issues and conditions. Therefore the doctor will discuss the type of injuries that the athlete has sustained and the care that has been provided to address the injuries in the past. The doctor will also perform a physical examination and conduct tests to determine the areas that must be addressed immediately to relieve pain.

After a review of the information collected, the doctor creates an individualized wellness program that will address the immediate issues through chiropractic techniques as well as other alternative therapies such as hot/cold therapy to reduce swelling and enhance healing of the tissues and cells surrounding the injured area. The doctor may also recommend changes in the diet to increase the vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal more effectively as well as provide exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscle groups surrounding the damaged areas.

Included in the comprehensive program will be steps that the athlete can take to ensure that they do not suffer from long-term affects of the injury. The doctor will also provide the training needed to proactively address potential injuries quickly and safely.

To get more information about the help that Dr. Scott Selik, DC, the HealthQuest Farmington MI chiropractor, provides to athletes to help them recover from injuries and pain more quickly and naturally visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.

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Chiropractor In Farmington Assists In Helping Locals Get Hip Pain Relief

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome (GTPS) is a common source of hip discomfort. It affects approximately 25% of women and 10% of men over age fifty. Anti-inflammatory medications and steroid injections can help to manage the symptoms, but carry a risk of harmful side-effects. A Farmington MI chiropractor offers safe, drug-free therapies for effective hip pain relief.

The greater trochanter is a bony protuberance at the top of the femur near the hip joint. GTPS occurs when the muscles, tendons, fascia or bursa in the trochanter area become pulled, torn or inflamed. It can be caused by osteoarthritis, repetitive stress on the hips, an infection or an acute injury such as a fall.

The main symptom of GTPS is pain or soreness in the hip and outer thigh. The pain may be continuous or intermittent, but tends to worsen with activity. It is aggravated by lying on the affected side and can interfere with sleep. The hip joint may feel stiff and mobility may be limited.

When patients with hip pain visit the Farmington clinic, they are thoroughly assessed. The chiropractor reviews their symptoms and observes their movements. He then carries out a physical examination and palpitates the greater trochanter. An x-ray or MRI scan of the hip may be used to precisely locate the source of the pain.

In many cases, hands-on chiropractic care can successfully relieve the symptoms of GTPS. Careful adjustments enable the femur to swivel smoothly in the hip joint socket, reducing stress on the surrounding tissues. Soothing massage relaxes stiff, sore muscles. Gentle stretches enhance range of motion.

The Farmington MI chiropractor provides additional therapies depending on the patient’s individual needs. Low level lasers can be used to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain and accelerate the healing process. Orthotics can be worn in the shoes to relieve pressure on the hip joint. A daily exercise routine can help to decrease pain and stiffness when walking.

Chiropractic care alleviates groin, hip and shoulder pain naturally. You can get more information about a reputable Farmington MI chiropractor at today.