Farmington MI Athletic Injury Safety Tips

Sports injuries can be devastating, but research shows they could be reduced by up to 25% if participants took appropriate preventative action. Farmington chiropractors help athletes to recover from damage to tissues and joints and regain peak performance levels. They offer the following athletic injury safety tips.

Collisions, knocks, slips and falls are common in contact sports and team sports. They can lead to tragic, debilitating injuries if the proper gear is not worn. Protective equipment such as guards, pads, mouthpieces or helmets should be used even when practicing. Appropriate, professionally-fitted footwear will help prevent sprained or twisted ankles.

Too much time spent in training can increase your risk of injuries such as sprains or strains. Fatigued muscles cannot adequately protect tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone. Take a day off from practice before engaging in a competitive performance. Recovery time reduces injury rates by giving muscle tissue an opportunity to repair itself.

A good warm-up prepares the body for intense physical activity. Cold muscles are more susceptible to injury because they are not as effective at absorbing shock. Gradually increase the heart rate and circulation with low impact exercise and stretches. Muscles will become suppler as they absorb oxygen from the bloodstream.

Using the same arm and wrist motions in rapid succession can lead to repetitive stress injuries. These disorders are frequently seen in people who play sports such as golf, tennis, racquetball and baseball. Avoid stress damage to the joints and tendons by taking breaks to stretch the arm, rotate the wrist and waggle the fingers.

The Farmington chiropractors stress that you should always leave a game or performance if you are in pain. Seek first aid care for your injury and apply an ice pack to reduce inflammation. Continuing to compete with a strain, sprain or tissue damage can lead to chronic problems such as muscle weakness, joint instability or mobility impairment.

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