Farmington MI Chiropractors, HealthQuest, Help Athletes Recover Faster

The Farmington MI chiropractor provides the safe, natural and effective care that athletes need to recover faster. The HealthQuest team offers a holistic approach to care that focuses on both the root cause of the pain and the development of comprehensive programs that enhance the body’s ability to heal more effectively and achieve greater health and wellness over the long-term.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington Hills, MI, 16-JUN-2013 – Dr. Scott Selik, DC, the HealthQuest Farmington MI chiropractor, offers athletes the safe and natural solutions that aid in faster recovery from injuries and pain. The doctor provides the highest levels of care, education and training to patients that gives them the long-term relief, flexibility and mobility they need both in competition and in their daily life.

When interviewed recently Dr. Selik and Dr. Solomon Cogan, CEO of HealthQuest Farmington, discussed the importance of providing the most effective and lasting solutions to athletes. “Many athletes continue to participate in their sport when an injury occurs during an event. This can cause an individual to suffer from extreme pain and damage that, if not addressed quickly and properly, can affect their ability to participate in daily activities throughout their life. Our goal is to give athletes the care they need to return to their sport more quickly and the comprehensive plans that will help them to avoid painful conditions when they are not participating in the sport. We strive to develop lasting relationships with our patients and are continually evaluating the programs we develop to make sure that issues are addressed proactively.”

During the initial examination, Dr. Selik will review the past medical and injury history of the individual. Recurring injuries to specific parts of the body often occur to athletes which can result in long-term issues and conditions. Therefore the doctor will discuss the type of injuries that the athlete has sustained and the care that has been provided to address the injuries in the past. The doctor will also perform a physical examination and conduct tests to determine the areas that must be addressed immediately to relieve pain.

After a review of the information collected, the doctor creates an individualized wellness program that will address the immediate issues through chiropractic techniques as well as other alternative therapies such as hot/cold therapy to reduce swelling and enhance healing of the tissues and cells surrounding the injured area. The doctor may also recommend changes in the diet to increase the vitamins and nutrients required by the body to heal more effectively as well as provide exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscle groups surrounding the damaged areas.

Included in the comprehensive program will be steps that the athlete can take to ensure that they do not suffer from long-term affects of the injury. The doctor will also provide the training needed to proactively address potential injuries quickly and safely.

To get more information about the help that Dr. Scott Selik, DC, the HealthQuest Farmington MI chiropractor, provides to athletes to help them recover from injuries and pain more quickly and naturally visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Scott Selik, DC

HealthQuest – Farmington

24100 Drake Road

Farmington, Michigan 48335

Telephone: (248) 471-5554




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