Farmington MI Chiropractors, HealthQuest, Help Hundreds In The Local Community

The Farmington MI chiropractor group at HealthQuest provides hundreds of members of the local community with the effective and safe care, education and training needed to achieve and maintain a healthier life. The team empowers patients by providing the tools they need to become more active participants in their health and wellness plan.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington, Hills, MI, 16-JUN-2013 – The chiropractic team at HealthQuest offer members of the community the care, education and training needed to achieve and maintain greater health and wellness. The Farmington MI Chiropractor utilizes a holistic approach that addresses the immediate pain and provides programs that empower patients to become proactive participants in reducing the recurrence of pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Solomon Cogan, CEO of HealthQuest, shared the philosophy and mission of the HealthQuest organization. “We are dedicated to building the lasting relationships with our patients that ensure they are able to function at their best without the fear of future pain or injury. There are often many factors, both internal and external, that contribute to pain and our team works closely with patients to identify and address all of these factors so that the recurrence of pain is greatly reduced. We provide the highest level of safe and natural care to help the body heal quickly and effectively while giving our patients the education and training they need to take the steps needed to maintain the level of health and activity that they want.”

During the initial examination the complete medical history of the patient is reviewed including any past injuries or trauma to the body that may be contributing to the immediate pain or issue. The doctor also discusses the exercise and diet regimen of the patient as well as any medications they may be taking. External factors are discussed including stress or tension that may result from daily activities or an individual’s job. A physical examination is performed to identify any misalignment in the spinal column that may be pinching nerves or restricting proper circulation through the spine and neck. Further testing is conducted to determine damage to other parts of the body and issues that may be associated with flexibility and painless mobility.

After evaluating the data collected the doctor creates an individualized program designed to address the immediate issues causing the pain through a combination of spinal adjustment and techniques designed to relieve inflammation and swelling around the damaged areas, realign discs and restore circulation. The doctor may also recommend changes to the diet that are designed to enhance the body’s ability to heal more quickly and effectively. In addition, exercises focused on strengthening the muscle groups surrounding the damaged areas, increasing circulation and stimulating circulation throughout the body are also provided.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by the Farmington MI chiropractor to help members of the local community achieve greater health and wellness visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.


24100 Drake Road, Farmington Hills, Michigan 48335

Telephone: (248) 471-5554




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