Farmington MI Chiropractic Office, HealthQuest, Helps Migraine Headache Sufferers Get Fast Relief

HealthQuest Farmington office and its dedicated chiropractors offer effective and non-invasive techniques for alleviating the pain of migraine headaches. Beyond the acute stage care, chiropractic measures improve overall wellness and health.

PRESS RELEASE: Farmington, MI, 26-MAY-2013 – HealthQuest and the Farmington MI chiropractor team are pleased to announce that chiropractic techniques are effective against the pain and related symptoms of migraine headaches. Migraines are among the most severe of the major headache types. In addition to debilitating levels of pain, the symptoms include weakness, light sensitivity, dizziness and vision disturbances.

The frequency of headaches is undeniable. Migraines are less common, but still affect a significant number of children and adults in the West. Standard medical therapy revolves around the use of injections and pharmaceuticals. Chiropractic techniques include manual therapy, spinal manipulation, cervical traction, trigger point therapy, ultrasound and similar therapeutic efforts. Nutritional counseling is another element of a comprehensive care plan.

Migraine headaches are considered a primary classification headache, along with tension and cluster headaches. The first action of a chiropractic consultation is to rule out secondary headache causes such as an injury, stroke, sinus infection or other underlying cause.

The onset of a migraine is often signaled by various symptoms, including a “halo” of light, or other vision disturbances. The victim may be subject to nausea or vomiting and be unable to tolerate light or noise.

Although the pathology of a migraine has been detailed, the cause of the symptoms is not understood. The blood vessels constrict and then dilate. The blood rapidly entering the dilated vessels leads to pulsing pain.

According to a spokesperson from the Farmington MI chiropractor office, “If you suffer from headaches, you are not alone. The number of people who suffer from headaches every year is staggering. Chiropractic care has been shown to reduce migraine headaches in frequency and severity. In many instances, chiropractic care worked better than many other types of care.”

Learn more about migraine headache care using chiropractic measures by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about chiropractic care and how it is addressing migraine headache pain are invited to contact the doctors at the Farmington MI chiropractor clinic as described below.

Company Name: HealthQuest Farmington

Address: 24100 Drake Road, Farmington, MI 48335

Contact Telephone Number: (248) 471-5554




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