Farmington MI Sciatica Issues Helped With Chiropractic Therapy

Sciatica is a painful condition that affects the lower back, hip and leg. When patients visit a Farmington MI chiropractor the doctor may develop a plan to bring relief that includes several different components, including ultrasound, cold therapy, TENS and spinal adjustments. Each of these components is important in the healing of the body and pain reduction.

Use of cold therapy involves placing an ice pack on the area of the injury for a specific amount of time. The drop in temperature can help to reduce pain and decrease swelling. Patients need to follow the guide given by the doctor of chiropractic, as leaving the ice in place too long can cause tissue damage.

Ultrasound uses a wand like device to create sound waves above the range of human hearing to penetrate into the affected tissue. The ultrasonic waves help to increase the circulation of blood to bring nutrients and oxygen for healing to the injured area and to dispose of waste products from the healing process. The therapy can also help to reduce cramping and muscle spasms.

The chiropractor may have the patient use a portable TENS unit or may use a larger version of the home use TENS unit in the clinic. This unit uses electricity to stimulate the muscles. It is effective at controlling pain and reducing muscle spasms.

Spinal adjustments are the core of the care provided by chiropractors. These adjustments can free joints that are restricted in movement and restore the vertebrae back to the correct position. Relieving this pressure from the nerve can reduce inflammation, pain, muscle spasms and other sciatica related problems.

Some types of sciatica may involve conditions beyond the scope of chiropractic. If the Farmington MI chiropractor determines the disorder requires other kinds of medical care, he will refer the patient to the appropriate care provider. In some cases, chiropractic may continue to be used in co-managing the patient’s care.

Sciatica issues can now be relieved thanks to the qualified Farmington MI chiropractor. Review all the information about natural chiropractic methods by going to


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