Detroit Chiropractic Care Helps Relieve Back Pain Safely

Nearly everyone experiences backaches during some point in life. Back pain is a leading cause of workplace absences. Medications can help to dull the symptoms, but carry a risk of adverse side effects. A Farmington MI chiropractor offers safe, drug-free therapies to effectively alleviate persistent back pain.

By the time people reach middle age, they are vulnerable to a number of conditions which can result in backache. The spinal discs lose elasticity and become less effective at cushioning the vertebrae. Bones grow weaker and muscles lose their suppleness. Poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, weight gain and stress can all contribute to back problems.

Pain in the back can come on suddenly when someone attempts to lift a heavy object or bends in an awkward position. It can also be caused by a sports injury, collision or fall. In many cases, the pain develops gradually due to everyday strain on the spine or back muscles.

During their initial visit to the Farmington MI clinic, patients with back problems undergo a thorough assessment. The chiropractor consults with them about their medical history and the nature of their symptoms. She then carries out a physical examination and conducts orthopedic tests. X-rays of the lower back are used to pinpoint the source of the pain.

A customized therapy plan is developed according to each patient’s needs. In many cases, specific manual adjustments are used to gently realign the vertebrae and release compressed nerves. Stiff joints are mobilized to restore their suppleness and improve their range of motion. Tense or spasming muscles are soothed with soft tissue massage techniques.

Following therapy, the Farmington MI chiropractor provides continuing care to reduce the risk of recurring back pain. Patients are assigned exercises which can improve their posture, muscle strength and spine flexibility. They also receive personalized advice on lifestyle changes that can help them to avoid back problems in the future.

Chiropractic care helps relieve heel, ankle and back pain safely. You can get more information about a well-trained Farmington MI chiropractor at now.


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